I was inspired by apples and Madara inspired Apples to be with him, god bless.





     Bridges are great inventions that link one place to another, the very idea of a bridge was first made when a human wanted to jump over a river in order to get to the other side but couldn’t.

     So he arranged a number of rocks in a row that would let him pass the river. At the time he was crossing a bird stumbled and fell right beside him, when a farmer saw the bird falling he quickly ran over to get the bird cause his daughter was hungry. The farmer was shocked when he saw a man crossing the river on top of an arranged pattern of rocks. He then thought about his cousin that likes to cross rivers and instantly went to tell him what he saw.

     Forgetting the bird and his daughter the farmer hurries, he reaches his cousin and tells him exactly what he saw. His cousin was surprised and loved to see it with his own eyes as they both went to the river. The man was still crossing the river as he as one hell of a slow person, his cousin shocked, instantly thought about his dream of crossing rivers would actually come true.

     And this my children is how Bridges were invented, by the bird who didn’t want to fall into rivers anymore.